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Manufacturer of precision Gauge  1 outdoor model railway rolling stock

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Post Grouping Vans

All our wagons are available as Kits or assembled and Ready to Run.

Ready to Run

Please note: These are units are only available by post in the UK and Europe, or at the G1MRA AGM

All Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Ready-to-Run Wagons and Vans are available (fully painted with your choice of transfers applied).
We also supply, at additional cost, ready-to-run wagons with a hand-crafted weathered finish.

Ready-to-Run Wagons are constructed from our standard kits with extras where applicable.
All models are designed to meet the rigours of outdoor running.

History and product features

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Vans are typical of the wooden construction equipment in use in Britain both before and after World War II.

We supply both an LNER 12-ton Van, wood-underframed, with a 9-foot wheelbase, and the LNER Ventilated Fruit Van version of this vehicle.

The latter model is equipped with louvred ends and roof vents. Both types of van were built in large numbers and operated throughout the UK from the 1920's well into the 1960's.

Recently a selection of 10 foot wheelbase vans have been released with corrugated, ventilated ends on a steel underframe.

The body components of these models are precision injection moulded in high impact polystyrene, the underframe is our standard unit.
The wheel options are: our classic split-spoke design, the more recent straight-spoke, or the solid 3-hole pattern.
All wheel pairs are electrically insulated and fully 2-rail compatible. They are mounted on a steel (plastic sleeved) tapered axle.

Please refer to our downloadable price list for all the van types and liveries available.

9 foot Vans

LMS Van.

N.E. vacuum fitted Fruit Van.

N.E. vacuum fitted Van.

N.E. Van.

S.R. Van.

S.R. vacuum fitted Van.

10 foot Vans

B.R. corrugated end, vacuum fitted 10 foot Van.

Express Dairy corrugated end, vacuum fitted 10 foot Van. .

Cattle Wagons

LMS Cattle Wagon.

N.E. Cattle Wagon.

S.R. Cattle Wagon.

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