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Manufacturer of precision Gauge  1 outdoor model railway rolling stock

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Ready to Run - Post Grouping Five Plank Open Wagons

Please note: These are units are only available by post in the UK and Europe, or at the G1MRA AGM

All Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Ready-to-Run Wagons and Vans are available (fully painted with your choice of transfers applied).
We also supply, at additional cost, ready-to-run wagons with a hand-crafted weathered finish.

Ready-to-Run Wagons are constructed from our standard kits with extras where applicable.
All models are designed to meet the rigours of outdoor running.

5 Plank GWR Open Wagon.

5 Plank LMS Open Wagon.

5 Plank LMS vacuum fitted Wagon.

5 Plank NE Open Wagon.

5 Plank NE Vacuum Fitted Open Wagon.

5 Plank SR Vacuum Fitted Open Wagon.

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