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Manufacturer of precision Gauge  1 outdoor model railway rolling stock

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Products

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 rolling stock kits feature highly detailed and historically accurate designs faithfully executed in durable and weather-resistant injection-moulded polystyrene.

Northern Fine Scale Rolling Stock Features:

The close-up image below shows the details of the brake system on a seven-plank wagon.

Seven plank wagon detail

Our wagons, tank wagons and vans come complete (wheels & transfers are included), you will only need paint and glue.
We also recommend a supply of both Microset and Microsol for applying transfers (Decals).

Northern Fine Scale Rolling Stock Kits and Products

Coke Rails Wagons 7-Plank wagon fitted with Coke Rails

Coke was a by-product of municipal gasworks throughout Britain. It could be transported in wagons modified with extension rails designed to increase their capacity. Adding coke rails to our 7-plank wagon kit produces a vehicle typical of those in service.
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Five Plank Wagons Five plank wagon

Five Plank Wagons were the ubiquitous bulk haulers of the railway system. Frequently held by private owners, their (often colourful) livery gave a lively appearance to every goods train.
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Seven Plank Wagons Seven plank wagon

Seven Plank Wagons are modelled on those used in Britain as a large-size railway bulk carriers. Both the railway companies and private owners maintained large fleets.
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Rectangular Tanks Rectangular Tank Wagon

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Rectangular Tank Wagons are typical of those seen on the railways from the 1800's through to the 1970's . A frequent if unglamorous sight, they were usually covered in a coat of the 10 – 12 ton load of tar or heavy oil that they carried.
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Bolster Wagons
(Twin & Single Wagon Kits)
Twin Bolster Wagon

Single Bolster Wagons were used as loose-coupled pairs and runners. For longer loads a runner/match single bolster wagon would be used in conjunction with a twin bolster wagon.
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Coaches Coaches

Northern Fine Scale have introduced a rake of three South Eastern & Chatham and Southern Railway panelled ready-to-run coaches as a load for the Wainwright "D" Class, or "C" Class locomotives.
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Vans N. E. Van --- Ventilated

We supply both an LNER 12-ton Van and the LNER Ventilated Fruit Van. Both types of van were built in large numbers and operated throughout the UK from the 1920's well into the 1960's. 9 and 10 foot versions are available.
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Peaked Roof Wagons Peaked Roof Wagon

Peaked Roof Wagons were commonly used to carry salt, lime and also coal and china clay.
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Ready to Run N. E. Van

Ready-to-run Wagons, Rectangular Tank Wagons, and Vans are available (fully painted with your choice of transfers applied). We also supply, at additional cost, ready-to-run wagons with a hand-crafted weathered finish.
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Parts Wheels and Axle Assembly

Northern Fine Scale supplies a wide range of components to Gauge 1 enthusiasts wishing to construct their own rolling stock.
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