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Manufacturer of precision Gauge  1 outdoor model railway rolling stock

Northern Fine Scale Gauge 1 Rolling Stock Component Parts and Accessories

Northern Fine Scale supplies a wide range of components to Gauge 1
enthusiasts wishing to construct their own rolling stock and are especially
useful when repairing or modifying existing rolling stock.

9 foot or 10 foot Underframe kits complete. Just add your body to our underframe, choice of wheels--- spoked, split spoked or 3 hole, comes in a box large enough for your van. Wagon Underframe
Wagon kit are available without transfers. Wagon, no transfers

Wheel Sets consist of 4 wheels on 2 axles.
Choose from spoked, split spoked, 3 hole, or coach pattern.
  • The wheels are injection-moulded in polystyrene.
  • The axle is steel with a tapered polystyrene sleeve.
  • The tyres are precision machined steel.
Sprung Couplings kits include:
2 hooks, 2 springs, 2 split pins and 6 links of chain.
Coupling Hooks
Brake Gear parts for 9 foot or 10 foot wheelbase wagons. The kit includes 2 sides plus wire. Brake Gear Parts
"W" Irons / Axleguards. This kit includes 4 irons and 4 nylon bearings. W irons (axleguards)
Buffers. The kit includes:
4 nylon buffer heads, 4 buffer bodies, 4 rings to form the flanges on the buffer bodies,
4 springs, and 4 nuts.
Buffer Components
Coke Rails: shown here installed on a 7-plank wagon. Coke Rails Installed on 7-plank wagon
Roof Vents for Van. The kit consists of 6 vents. They are shown here considerably enlarged and at a variety of angles to show the detail of the moulding. Roof vents for vans
Vacuum Brake Pipes. The kit consists of two complete units. Brake Vacuum Pipes
OneBits Transfers (Decals): each Private Owner set contains two copies of the sheet.
For Private Owner options, please refer to the Vans, Coke Rail, Five Plank, and Seven Plank wagon pages.
Also available are the "Big Four" — GWR, SR, LMS and LNER sheets. Each is a larger multi-project sheet, with transfers for both sides of the model, and several sizes of lettering.
Transfers (Decals) Private Owner & Big Four
Microset & Microsol
This product is recommended for transfer (decal) application. Each bottle contains 1 fluid ounce (US), 29.6 millilitres, and is sufficient for applying transfers to several kits.
Because this product is readily available at hobby shops in North America, we supply it only in the UK.
Microsol and Microset bottles
The ULTIMATE WICK, a ceramic type material which is inserted into the burner of a spirit fired (usually Meths) steam locomotive. The pack contains sufficient for about 3 locomotives.

For further imformation,
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