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Single and Twin Bolster Wagons

Twin Bolster Wagon

About SECR/SR 10-ton bolster wagons:
Single Bolster Wagons were used as loose-coupled pairs and runners. For longer loads a runner/match single bolster wagon would be used in conjunction with a twin bolster wagon.

Twin Bolster Wagons were initially paired numerically but with subsequent repairs and rebuilds the numbering scheme became random.

Built in the early 1900s, these wagons were used for the carriage of long loads such as logs, sawn timber, rail, steel, and fabricated items they ran into the 1940s with the final set lasting until 1951. For longer loads, single bolster wagon would used be in conjunction with the twin bolster wagon.

The body components of these models are precision injection moulded in high impact polystyrene. All wheel pairs are electrically insulated and fully 2-rail compatible. They are mounted on a steel (plastic sleeved) tapered axle.

These highly detailed and easily built models are designed to meet the rigours of outdoor running. They are supplied as complete kits including transfers (Decals).


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